Year In Review: FDHIC

As we count down to the end of the year 2020, a year that has been difficult for people around the world, we are grateful for the impact that we have been able to make in our own little way across the continent; saving lives with our work across the healthcare value chain.

We are also grateful for the collaborations and support that we have received to help us with our goal of making healthcare in Africa more accessible, acceptable and affordable.

Together with our portfolio companies,

  • We have reached over 1,423,600 number of patients
  • We deployed 22 sample collection booths to 8 states in Nigeria
  • Our mobile sample collection booth has tested over 5,000 samples to date
  • We set up 3 molecular labs that have conducted over 20,000 COVID 19 tests
  • We trained over 100 molecular lab scientists 
  • Through one of our portfolio companies, we delivered over 200 litres of oxygen per day across Nigeria.

This piece is a summary of our year highlighting the work we did each month.


We opened the year in January with our team retreat/strategic session at Mantis Hotel.  Likewise, we launched our employee MBA program and financial analyst training to further strengthen our team’s knowledge & expertise when executing our healthcare projects and investments across Africa. 

Employee education is extremely important to us at FDHIC and we are excited to see our first MBA students and chartered financial analysts in collaboration with the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) in Canada. We are proud of the achievements of our team members that joined these programs.


Our highlight in February was when one of our portfolio companies, Koniku, signed a 10 million dollar deal with Airbus for the co-development of a solution for aircraft & airport security operations. Airbus also went ahead to test Koniku’s technology, the Konikore’s capability in detecting biological hazards, as well as chemical & explosive threats. Read more here

We are very proud of Koniku and how they have shown the value that African biotechnology innovators can create. 


  • In March, we developed a Private-Public Partnership to execute healthcare projects in two (2) different African countries. The projects include the construction, equipping and staffing of a hospital in East Africa and an emergency care (air ambulance) project in Central Africa.
  • Our team members spoke at the British Business Group (BBG) about COVID – 19. We sensitized them about the virus and ways to stay safe. It was a well attended interactive session. 
  • We introduced remote work and it was in full effect for about 8 months.
  • Also in March, as the news about the need for ventilators in the critical care management of COVID 19 patients became evident, we collaborated with partners to produce the first reverse-engineered ventilator in Nigeria.


In April, we started a massive response towards the COVID 19 pandemic

  • We invented and launched the first-ever COVID 19 mobile testing booth in Africa. The booth was invented to mitigate against infection of healthcare workers while taking samples from either infected or suspected cases. These booths reduced the possibility of healthcare workers getting infected by 95% and equally helped save cost. Read more here
  • Sequel to launching the testing booths, we entered a public-private partnership with the Ogun state government to set up, run and manage their first molecular laboratory. To date, over 20,000 COVID 19  tests have been done in the laboratory.
  • Our portfolio company, MDaaS Global also managed and operated the Ogun State free walk-in and drive-through sample collection & testing booth, which was one of the busiest testing centres in Nigeria. Over 5,000 samples have been collected to date.
  • Last year, we collaborated with the YPO to set up, equip and run one of the largest isolation centres in a public-private partnership with the Lagos state government. The 100-bed capacity isolation centre which was in Eti-Osa managed over 100 COVID patients, inclusive of critical patients.
  • We received a corporate grant of 20 million Naira to support our response to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Our portfolio company, Chisco Express delivered over 200 litres of oxygen per day across the different isolation centres in Lagos and throughout Nigeria, to manage COVID 19 patients. Read about it here


  • We invented and launched the first-ever COVID 19 testing vehicle in Africa. 
  • Our COVID 19 vehicle and mobile testing booth was launched for operation in Rivers State and till date, the booth has tested over 50,000 samples. 
  • In partnership with the Zamfara state government, we launched the largest zero contact COVID 19 testing centre in Nigeria with 7 booths capable of taking over 100 samples per day.
  • We also collaborated with one of our partner organisation to launch our mobile testing booth in Kano State. The booth was launched in response to the outbreak of COVID 19 in Kano State. 
  • We launched our first molecular lab scientist academy in Rivers state with over 100 molecular scientists trained on RT PCR test analysis
  • As one of the COVID Heroes, our founder, Dr Ola Brown spoke with CNN to highlight our major achievements and initiatives in the management of COVID 19 in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • We added to our portfolio companies by investing in Sygen, a drug manufacturing company based in Nigeria. Read more here.


  • We conducted training for our medical team in Lagos and River states. These training were aimed at improving their knowledge on the care and management of COVID 19 cases in line with IPC standards and requirements. The sessions were conducted by a team of Harvard doctors.      
  • Our portfolio company, Chisco Express delivered medical supplies, consumables, and equipment to River state. 
  • We donated ventilators to the Ekiti state government for COVID 19 management.
  • In collaboration with one of our portfolio companies, Helium Health, we launched our EMR and digital hospital that has managed over 2,000 asymptomatic COVID 19 patients via telemedicine platforms.


  • We had our second molecular lab scientist academy in Rivers state with over 150 scientists in attendance.
  • We also launched our second molecular laboratory in Rivers state.
  • We launched COVID 19 testing and sample collection booth in Kwara state through our portfolio company, MDAAS Global.
  • We hosted a webinar where our founder, Dr Ola Brown was in conversation with the Minister of Trade and Investments of Nigeria on the opportunities in Nigeria’s healthcare sector.  Watch the replay here


  • In August, we launched our COVID 19 mobile testing booth in Ibadan, Oyo State. More than 500 samples were collected for RT PCR analysis from the booth. 
  • We reintroduced our corporate learning day and the first session was done virtually. Team members were given training videos to watch and present to the entire team. 


  • Our team was acknowledged by the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo for our efforts leveraging on technology to combat COVID-19.


  • In October, our work during the COVID 19 pandemic was highlighted by the World Health Organisation, African region. Read the WHO feature here
  • Our portfolio company, Koniku struck a partnership deal with SmellCells,  a company that makes “smell stations” which can be installed at music venues and sports stadiums. Koniku was also announced as one of five winners of the humanity prize of the Global Innovation Olympian in the World 2050
  • In the same month, another of our portfolio companies, Lifestores Healthcare was selected for JICA’s 2020 business plan competition in response to COVID-19 for African Startups.


  • We were part of the World Health Organisation’s webinar with the head of African Region. The webinar highlighted COVID 19 in Africa and innovative technology solutions that our organization developed and launched. 
  • In November, we expanded the FDHIC Scout program to 8 more African countries. We wrote about our scout program here. Also in November, our founder, Dr Ola Brown was honoured by the Nigerian Medical Association as physician of the year 2020.
  • Likewise, 2 of our portfolio companies won different awards:  MDaas Global won the 2nd prize in the 2020 top 10 Africa’s Business Heroes award while the co-founders of Helium Health were announced the winners of “The Future Awards Africa Prize for Disruption” (STEM)


  • Our portfolio company, Lifestores Healthcare launched a B2B technology platform called Oga Pharmacy. They were also recognized at the inaugural edition of the Impact Africa Summit on pharmaceutical research and development & clinical trials (IAS Pharma) for the Pharmacy Excellence Awards 2020. Read more here.

To wrap up the year, we collaborated with one of the largest multinational beverage companies to launch COVID 19 testing and sample collection booths.

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