The Number of Patients The FDHIC Portfolio Companies Have Reached Across Africa

Every year, lack of access to basic health care mostly caused by poor funding contributes to millions of deaths, untold suffering and harrowing health tragedies in Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Africa carries 25% of the world’s disease burden but its share of global health expenditures is less than 1%.

Making Impact is very important to us at the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company and this is why we are actively backing innovative companies who are changing the narrative and proffering solutions to the healthcare system in Africa.

This article describes how our portfolio companies across our ecosystem of African healthcare have reached over 1,478,600+ patients.

Helium health has served over 165,000 patients monthly through its telemedicine solution.

MDaaS Global has served over 25,000+ patients via their physical & virtual diagnostic and primary care facilities.

Sygen Pharmaceutical has served an estimated amount of  1,200,000+ patients with low-cost generic drugs.

Using one of the common medication Sygen Pharmaceutical manufactures as a point of reference; about 100 cartons are manufactured daily. Each carton contain 25 packs which equates 96 tablets of this medication. Therefore, Sygen would have produced 240,000 tablets of this medication for use by 40,000 patients  (6 tablets per patient) per day. This equals 1,200,000 patients per month.

Lifestores Healthcare is building a chain of community pharmacies and health programs to serve all Nigerians. They have impacted an estimated amount of 33,600 patients.

Lifestores Healthcare has reached over 60 pharmacies through their OgaPharmacy technology. If 20 patients buy medication from each of these pharmacies, 1,200 patients will be reached per day, 8,400 per week and 33,600 per month.

Through FDHIC projects such as our molecular labs in Ogun State/Rivers and Isolation centre projects, we reached over 55,000 patients.

Over the next five years, we will reach 88,716,000+ with just the current portfolio.

As we expand our impact through additional investment into the ecosystem, we will reach 1,774,320,000+ through 20 portfolio companies.

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