#StartUp Series: How to Create a Customer-Focused Organisation

Beyond the quality of the product or service in an organisation, great customer service is a critical influencer for brand loyalty, buying behaviour and future business opportunities. Building a customer-focused company can set your brand apart from competitors, and help you scale your business.

The quote “customers are always right” was coined from developing a culture of respect for the customer. Companies that are customer-focused develop close relationships with their customer base and ensure all facets of the business prioritize customer satisfaction as the primary concern.

Research by Hubspot found that 70% of companies with growing revenue say customer success is “very important”. For companies with stagnant or declining revenue, less than half said customer success was “very important.”

As straightforward as it may seem, creating a customer-focused company is no easy feat. Every organization needs to determine what matters to its customers and how they can best meet their priorities. It is not a one size fits all pursuit. 

Here are 5 tips for improving your business’ customer focus:

  1. Get to know your customer: This can only be done by constantly listening and engaging with your customer and subsequently building trust with them. Effective customer service should be addressed from the standpoint of the customer and not the service provider. 
  2. Ask for customer feedback: The customer experience is key. Getting feedback from your customer will serve as a roadmap to improving your product/ service. Make it a constant practice
  3. Invest in your employee: Provide value through training, feedback and coachings so that they are able to build their professional skills and abilities. This will definitely reflect in the quality of your business
  4. Set and maintain standards to meet customer expectations: These standards should be understood by all employees and will serve as a guide to follow consistently. 
  5. Recognising and reinforcing excellent service: This is one way to integrate customer Service into all business activities in an organisation. Many best-practice service organisations develop reward and recognition schemes to encourage excellent service. However, the most appropriate route will depend on the culture of the organisation.

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