Koniku Partners with SmellCells

Koniku has struck a partnership deal with SmellCells,  a company which makes “smell stations” that can be installed at music venues and sports stadiums.

“Smell Stations” are able to analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the breath of a person in real-time. It can also be used to identify explosive particles in the air.

The stations will be powered by Koniku’s Konikore technology, which is currently able to detect biological hazards and spot chemical and explosive threats using genetically engineered odorant receptors to smell them. The Konikore is also able to smell viruses such as Covid-19 faster than traditional testing.

“I think Covid-19 will be with us for a while, and if you’re going to a venue, I imagine you’ll see something powered by Koniku at the venue to make sure you’re not infecting others” says Osh Agabi, CEO at Koniku.

Koniku is a Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment portfolio Company.

Read more here http://bit.ly/3h3wDdh

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